Are you writing?

I hope this post finds you enjoying spring. Are you writing? Are you honoring your own creativity by finding time to put your ideas on the page?

Here are three compelling reasons to do so:

Each word of creative expression lights up dark matter to bring a story, poem, essay into form. A recent visit to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum helped me make that connection from an exhibit on dark matter in the universe. For more on this, check out:

The thing you are making as a creative artist is also making you, according to Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. An inspiring take on creativity to be sure. If you want to read more along this line, read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic.

Write 300 words a day for a book in a year. Even though the above offered reasons to create take an expansive perspective on creativity, the goal is achieved with small action steps. 300 words, one page a day, could yield a book draft in a year! Writing 300 words a day increases joy, deepens commitment, banishes doubt and accumulates pages. We don’t need to see all the way from A to Z to develop a writing project. In fact, ask to be surprised to keep your creative passion alive.

I wish you a summer of all good things as you light up dark matter with your words.

Sunrise in Merzouga, Morocco
Sunrise in Merzouga, Morocco